About Apparto

About Apparto

Apparto is a Web site dedicated exclusively to the rental of apartments. It aims at helping people seeking apartments as well as those who want to rent them. The site offers an innovative search interface that simplifies search and management of listings seen throughout the period during which a person is seeking an apartment. For listings, the site offers an easy way to publish and manage them until the signing of the lease.

Apparto differs from other sites by, among others, the following:

  • It is devoted exclusively to the rental of apartments.
  • Listings are short, quick to read.
  • Interface is optimized for finding apartments.

  • It is possible to circle listings on screen.
  • New listings are distinguished from those already seen.
  • Published period is short to avoid obsolete listings to people looking for apartments and avoid unnecessary calls to people listing apartments.
  • Listing management is done without account creation.
  • Allows easy broadcasting of listings on Twitter and Facebook for people to use their contacts network.
  • Publishing apartment pictures is free to help reduce unnecessary visits by providing a pre-visit online.

About the creator

My name is Frédérick Brault. For some years, I managed a three apartment building. When an apartment was freed, I was not completely satisfied with the available means to publish it. I used this experience to design a site dedicated exclusively to the rental of apartments.

I created Apparto in my spare time with the means at my disposal. I have a full time day job as a Web advisor. You can find more details about myself and my professional background by visiting my LinkedIn profile.