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Apparto - FAQ

    About the Site

    Why another classified site for apartments?

    I my humble opinion, I though there was place for improvement. Existing sites all look alike and none of them became yet THE reference on the Web. Also, none of them is used internationally. I though that is was an opportunity and decided to give it a try, just for fun.

    Publish a listing

    Why can't I create an account?

    We manage so much accounts nowadays, I though it would be easier to use the site without creating one. However, accounts are coming soon, to help handling lots of listings.

    Why limiting the number of characters?

    It is essentially in order for the listings to be faster to read. By limiting the number of characters, it forces landlords to summarize their listing to the essential. No more used formulas like "nice apartment, near all services". Just objective facts.

    Why only one picture per room?

    Because this is the minimum it takes to visit an apartment online. Limiting the number of pictures forces the landlord to select the best pictures for each room. This way, people looking for apartments save time and can judge from few pictures if the apartment is interesting for them.

    Why is the publishing period 7 days maximum?

    It is to keep the listing fresh. One of the problem when you are looking for an apartment is when you are loosing your time calling for apartments that are already rented. The longer the publishing period, the more it happens because not all landlords remove their listings once it is rented. I though 7 days was a good compromise between the needs from landlords and renters. Landlords can easily reactive their listings for an additional 7 days as often as they need.

    Why do you keep listings on your servers forever?

    Sometimes, an apartment has to be rented another time sooner then expected. In this case, it is useful to reactivate the listing. No need to get through the publishing process again. All you have to do is reactivate the listing. However, you can permanently delete your listing from our servers if you will. Just use the hyperlinks from the email you receive after you publish a listing for both actions: reactivating and deleting.

    How to reactivate a listing?

    Use the appropriate hyperlink in the email you receive after publishing a listing. However, if no email address was used, then you can't reactivate your listing. It will be automatically deleted from our servers after a period of 7 days.

    How can I receive again the email I received after publishing my listing?

    Enter the email you used to publish your listing here (hyperlink). You will receive an email with all listings you published using that email and all instructions for managing your listings will be included. If you used several email addresses to publish, then you need to enter everyone of them.

    How can I edit a listing?

    Just click the appropriate hyperlink in the email your received after publishing your listing.

    How to permenately delete my listings from the servers?

    Use the hyperlink "delete" in the email you received after publishing your listing.

    How to remove a listing from the published ones?

    Use the hyperlink "remove" in the email you received after publishing your listing. This will not permanently delete the listing from our servers, it will just stop publishing the listing. You can reactivate your listing anytime.

    Why buying additional characters?

    Sometimes, few more word are all it takes to get the perfect listing. I though it would be ok to allow people to stretch a bit the character limit if necessary. It also provides the site with a bit of revenus.

    Why 0.99$ for some more characters?

    This amount is already popular on the Web for buying several things. I though it would a proper amount to get more characters.

    How can I pay for additional characters?

    Click on the "Buy More" hyperlink over the listing field when you write your listing. After pressing "Publish", you will be directed to the Paypal site. Paypal is an easy payment service used and trusted worldwide.

    What is PayPal?

    Paypal is one of the most established and trusted payment services over the Internet. It allows for easy and secure online transactions using most banking and credit cards.


    Why results display is inspired by printed classifieds?

    Printed classifieds are simple and efficient to present apartment listings. Lots of people are still using newspapers to publish and search for apartments. Apparto tried to combine the best from printed classifieds and the Web.

    Why searching by city?

    It is the main criteria for most searches. Usually, you know in what city you want to live.

    Why so few search criteria?

    Basically, most people are looking for a place to live mainly depending on their budget within a district they like. That's it. Adding more criteria isn't a bad idea, but it is not necessary most of the time. Moreover, not all criteria apply to all apartments, not to say that not all landlords take the time to detail appropriately their apartment. Finally, fine details are usually discussed about in a phone call prior to a visit. Hence, having few criteria ensures a uniform experience when looking to all listings.

    How does Apparto keep my search criteria and results between visits?

    Those informations are kept temporarily in a secure file on your computer. This file is called a cookie. Information stored in the cookie are not accessible to any else then Apparto. It is a widely used and secure process over the Internet. If the cookie is deleted, then Apparto will appear as used for the first time. In the future, we may add another way to save searches and results if we feel it is a need for lots of users.